All About Cellosmith

People tell me all of the "I love the cello!"  I agree!
The cello is an intriguing instrument with a rich history.  Many believe that the cello's deep appeal is that the instrument's range most closely resembles that of the human voice.
Since the cello appeared on the scene, it has held many musical roles.  I enjoy being an explorer on these many musical adventures on well-trodden paths (classical), and some less explored ones (pop, traditional, jazz, etc).  Cellosmith is always looking for new adventures!
I prepared for these journeys with music degrees from Florida State University and the University of Miami.
I am honored to share the stage with many wonderful musicians. I am a member of the Hendersonville Symphony, the Spartanburg Philharmonic, and the Piedmont Chamber Orchestra. I also serve as the Principal Cellist of the Western Piedmont Symphony and the Brevard Philharmonic.
Sharing and encouraging a new generation of cellists is important to me, so I maintain a teaching studio online and at the String Station in the Western North Carolina mountains.
Ben with cello.jpg